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I'm hesitant to revisit my past.
This dA page was my past,
Filled with quirky artworks and immature language
That brought upon my happiest moments from the darkest of times.
And I've definitely grown,
From the insecurity of a middle schooler
From the depths of an emotionally insane goofball who
Tried her best to save everyone with smiles
When she couldn't even save herself.
And now that's it been almost three years,
Yet these beloved franchises remain as faint saviors from the morbid past.
It'd be great, in all honesty
To jump back to the lonely days where games were my escape,
Shows depicted the horrid actions, I wanted to take
And where art truly imitated the-not-so-rosy life
To relive those memories and journey through a perilous road to restore these broken shards
Would be a true blessing.

But as the Save Frog persistently chimes after every encounter:
Save your game?

"A story is a series of memories
If you don't take care to preserve your memories, you'll forget them."~
this is middle school don't judge LMAO 

shoutout to all my pears
  • Listening to: my tears
TAGG by CommanderPorkChips
I haven't done these in a while 😅 but I'm doing this for :chibi-inu64plz: ok
1. Both actually.
2. Haha NO! I still got a long way to go. I'll never say I'm a good artist because there's always room for improvement
3. I've been drawing since first grade but I got serious at sixth grade
4. Having to manage art & band. And stopping for a while because aches.
5. I actually don't know 😐 anything that relates to my life
6. I'm old 😁
7. Traditional but I'd go for digital If I had a tablet.
8. Mhmm. But that was the day I started improving a whole lot so I gotta owe it to them.
9. The people that doubted me.


CommanderPorkChips's Profile Picture

United States
NAME: CommanderPorkChips<nbr />AGE: [Classified]
LEVEL: Chippier Chugging Chirper
SPECIES: A. sane. fangirl
REACTION TO THIS: Does that even exist?

Welcome to the Wonderful World where there lies a mystical land of Pork Chips, and this fellow narrating is the Commander.
CommanderPorkChips is my name. Woow, how unguessable that name was/eaten by a Titan
But wah, I'm a vegetarian. Well sort of.
But I am a fangirl of many tings too!
My favorite games are (in order) MOTHER 3 and the rest of the series, Legend of Zelda, then Kid Icarus: Uprising, Fire Emblem:Awakening, and recently Pokemon

Speaking of Kid Icarus Uprising, you can battle with me anytime.
But I'm only allowing dA people (sorry anons!).
Send me a note whenever and I'll schedule the time.
However don't expect and easy fight.

I have a fanfiction account=…

And I apologize for not being active a lot. I don't know what I do to have no more room for dA or FF

HAVE THIS :iconmagikarpplz:
Oh yesh Snk! >.< Armin's mah boo, don't you dare mock mah boo :iconarminplz:
For Free! Hm..... I'm a RINXHARU SHIPPER :iconfreerinplz: :iconzeldaheartplz: :iconharufreeplz:
Of course for SAO: :iconkiritoplz: :iconheartcontainerplz: :iconsaoasunaplz:
I don't have a particular pairing for RWBY, maybe :iconJeanArcplz: :ixonXplz: :iconRWBYKiraplz:
Oh ho ho Another~ :iconmisakimeiplz: :iconbleedingheartplz: :iconSahakibaraplz:

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